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The Home Loan Process

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Matt Harrison | Home Loan Strategist

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What is a Loan Strategist?  I want to learn your short and long term goals so I can help integrate the loan you selected into them.  This will allow you to maximize your cash flow, tax savings and equity position.  I will listen to your needs and will help establish goals and objectives. We will work as a team to meet those goals, and you will be updated during the entire process. In our fast-paced market, I believe communication is key in building our relationship.

 My business is focused on a 5 Star Customer Service Experience.  My satisfied clients are my best resource for new business.  In this very competitive business of real estate mortgages, service makes the difference. The service from my team is second to none and has earned me a valuable source of referrals.

 My experience in this business has provided me the knowledge to assist you with nearly every aspect of your real estate lending needs. Whether it’s securing you a new loan with great terms, finding the best refinance solution for your situation, or helping you get the most out of selling your home, my team and I are here to guide you. ​

Please give me an opportunity to earn your business. I am confident you will be very happy!

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Demystifying Home Loans

If you haven’t experienced it before, the home loan process can feel overwhelming, but our agents will help you stay informed throughout the process, from pre-approval to closing. The first thing to do is consult with a mortgage specialist (or two). If you don’t already have someone in mind, we partner with some of the best lenders in the industry, and we’d be happy to introduce you, so you’ll be taken care of.

Get Pre-Approval

Before you start looking for a home to buy, it’s a good idea to meet with your Loan Officer to get pre-approved for a loan amount. At this stage, the lender gathers information about income, assets and debts of the borrower (you) to determine how much house you may be able to afford. This includes a credit report, W-2 forms, pay stubs, Federal Tax Returns and recent bank statements. There are a variety of different loan programs, so make sure to get pre-qualification for the specific programs that best suit your needs.

We Help You Get The Best Loan

Start The Process

We’ll help you find the best local loan officer to get you competitive rates and the programs that best fit your individual needs. Fill out this form and we’ll connect you with a lender today!

Application & Processing

What happens when a loan goes "live"

When you find property you’re ready to buy, your lender will help you complete a full mortgage loan application, and talk you through the various fees and down payment options. The application is submitted to processing, where the documents are reviewed and appraisals and title examination are ordered. Then the loan is sent to an underwriter, who reviews and approves the entire loan if it meets compliance.


Signing and Finalizing the deal

Don’t be surprised if you’re asked for additional documentation or clarification throughout the process. Once your loan is approved, don’t forget to set up homeowners insurance. Your documents will be sent to the title company, where you’ll sign for the new home and pay any remaining costs. Then the loan is recorded and you get the keys. Congratulations, happy homeowner!

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